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Lee and Jake’s Kilimanjaro Slideshow

I have posted a link to this Kilimanjaro video before, but I watched it again, and really got me excited. As the vocals on the music begin, it gets me pumped for climbing Africa’s highest mountain – all the memories, experiences, new friends made and the hardships of tackling such a great adventure.

Even though I help organize adventures around the world, sometimes my career feels routine. I get up early in the morning, eat breakfast, go to work, talk to people on the phone all day, go home, eat, visit with my wife and child, go to bed. The days go by, the weeks go by, the months go by, and the years go by.

However, whenever I see videos like this – of trips that I helped organize – I feel really lucky to help people plan life changing, memorable adventures around the world that quite often change their lives, and perspectives, forever. These trips are stories people share with their grandchildren.

I used to do PR for a company that worked with Microsoft in their banking division – and while some of my friends are still at the company, making great money, I couldn’t find happiness in just pitching a product everyday. Fortunately, I found happiness in exploring the world and helping people do it too.

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