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One Year Ago – BootsnAll New Years Kilimanjaro Summit!

I am kind of sentimental today. It’s the start of new year, just a few months before my first child is born, and it’s a typical dark and dreary January day in Oregon. As I look back on the last year, I think of all the great experiences and memories. Probably one of the coolest adventure trips I did was exactly one year ago when I climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro for New Years. While climbing the highest mountain in Africa on New Years sounds remarkable (and it is), what really made the trip amazing was the people. You would think that a large group, under somewhat stressful conditions, would not work well together. I had my reservations on the size – but this group (somewhere near 30 people) seemed to get along well and its diverse personalities made the trip extra fun – and a good laugh.

To me, the success of this trip attests to BootsnAll’s ability to attract amiable like-minded people from around the world. Let’s do it again!

Here a few pictures from the trip:
BootsnAllers at the summit. We made it!
The Great Barranco Wall. That was one steep climb.
Our Favorite Porter. Vegetable soup.
The Last Supper. We made it.

If you are looking for good memories like this, we are hosting another BootsnAll Tanzania adventure this August. If you want to go somewhere else with Bootsnall, check out some of our other adventure trips for 2007.