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Machame Route 6-Day: Dec 3…looking for Pax

Why Climb With BWA

Machame Route We have a 6-Day Machme Route climb provisionally set for Dec 3 2008 with space for a few pax. This is an off-beat itinerary since Machame is usually a 7-day climb and if you lose a day that toughens up the score and makes this a trip for young and fit climbers.

Machame is one of the longer outfield trails, coming in from the south and veering west to pick up on the Shira/Lemosho trail. It is usually regarded as the most scenically appealing, and advantageous in the matter of altitude adjustment. This is thanks to the fact that you gain several thousand feet in altitude during the first day of climbing which often deals with the worst of altitude adjustment early. Thereafter the gradient is more forgiving.

This is a specific group, and if you want to test yourself on a challenging trail and not be held up by sissies or grannies then email me or fill in a Climb Kilimanjaro Form and I will get straight back to you with the trip specs and details.

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