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Join Kilimanjaro Group Climb

joinme.jpg I apologize for bringing this post to the front page again, but we have had some updates to these trips.

If you are looking to join a group to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I will update this webpage each week, adding dates that groups have offered their climb for others to join. Generally most trips to climb Kilimanjaro are private, but from time-to-time, people open them to others. Below are some current public group options – anyone can join:

June 25 – Two Canadian women are looking for a few other travelers to join their group. They are doing a seven day Machame climb, starting on June 25 and ending on July 1. Beginners welcome. This trip now has one other American guy on it. TRIP CLOSED

July 4 – Two men, also from Canada, that are opening their trip for other people to join. Climb begins July 4 and ends July 10. It’s a 7 day Machame Climb. Beginners welcome. This trip has two Americans girls, and another guy who have joined. TRIP CLOSED

NEW – July 11 – July 15 – Two Americans looking for others to join their camping safari, which includes the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro National Park. This trip is open to three other people.

NEW – Aug 6 – August 12 Two guys climbing the seven day Machame route, looking for others to join. Contact Donovan at BootsnAll for more details.

In August, we have the annual Bootsnall group that anyone can join. We take 15 people. $500 for the deposit to hold your space. Find out more details for BootsnAll’s Kilimanjaro Climb. 3 people are registered for this trip, so far. (This trip is closed)

Sept 2 – Two Brits and one American, all young professional women, are doing an eight Day Machame climb, sleeping at Crater Camp, the highest camp on Kilimanjaro at about 18,000 ft. People with previous trekking experience are open to join this trip. Oxygen will be brought on this climb. (This trip has two more people on the climb now. We are keeping this open for one more person. Very cool trip!)

Sept 29 – Two Americans – male and female, boyfriend & girlfriend – are opening their climb to 4 people, starting September 24, ending Sept 30. Looking for people who like to have fun and are laid back!

Oct 29:
Rachel Cadden of Verve Enterprises is looking for people to join her group climbing the Machame Route for seven days. This trip is open to anybody with adventurous spirit. Contact Donovan for more details. This is an adventure trip – and is not focused around Verve Enterprises mission. But you are welcome to ask Rachel about it on the trip!

December 7: Two Americans on a multi-month trip around the world are climbing the Machame route, seven days. Open to others. Date could change to Dec 5 or Dec 6.

Dec 26 – Kilimanjaro Fundraiser starting December 26, and summiting on Kilimanjaro for the first sunrise of 2008. Climb ends January 2. The charities they are raising money for are The Goodlife Kids Foundation and Amani Children’s Home. They’ll be holding around 6 fundraisers throughout the year this year. Our biggest fundraiser is a Kid Friendly Cook Book, with a recipe contest being run nationwide (open to children and adults).

If any of these trips interest you, contact Donovan at BootsnAll. Email donovan (at) BootsnAll (dot) com. The phone number from the US is 866-549-7614, or outside the US at 503-528-1005.