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Altitude vs. Repetition

Tons of people ask me for advice on climbing Kilimanjaro. Common questions are: What altitude should I do my training hikes? Do you think I will make it to the top on a six-day Machame climb? How many women make it to the summit?

One question that I received lately was from a woman asking me her training schedule. She was planning a six mile hike at 7,000 ft. She asked if one time would do her any good.

My perspective with training of Kili is that, of course, it’s great to hike at altitudes to see how your body reacts. The more time and experience at altitudes the better. However, since many people live where their are no major mountains, I think the best part with training is making sure that you do lots of repetitive hikes, day after day, after day. It’s great to go one or two hikes on the weekend, but try hiking everyday for more than one week. It’s hard. That’s the training you need for climbing Kilimanjaro because you are hiking everyday, for many days, and you need to have that kind of energy. Each day attempt to set your goal, and you make it.