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Want to feel like shit? Climb Kilimanjaro, mate.

freezing.jpgJust because Mount Kilimanjaro is one of those well-known mountains that everyone likes to climb, you should be forewarned that it’s not always a happy experience. Climbing Kilimanjaro can, and will, kick your ass – and can make you feel like shit. You probably are wondering why I am on this rant about the mountain? Well, I stumbled across this great blog of a guy’s experience climbing Kili. He had a really tough time and, in the end, it was hard on him physically and mentally. Not even the climb, but also his opinion of the safari.

I think it’s best to read of this type of experience before you travel half way around the world. It’s really tough – and could be tougher than you imagined.

Quote from Madduck blog:
“Suffering from low blood pressure and weak circulation, no amounts of water or sugar could counter the increasing headache, and the feeling of dizziness that would chase every slip, every misstep, and every unexpected stone on the way. At the same time, the temperature, estimated between -15 and -20 degrees Celsius was finding its way to my toes, despite the two pairs of socks I wore.”

I would require this as mandatory reading before going up on the mountain.