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Kilimanjaro Traverse – Camps of the Lemosho & Mweka Trails – Part 2

Shira 1 Camp

Shira One Camp – 11,500 ft., two nights

We spent the day climbing up and out of the rain forest through the heather region onto the alpine meadow of the Shira Plateau. I spent most of our noon break finding places to hide the lunch I wasn’t hungry for. After negotiating the last valley ridge we could not only see our next camp but there stood Kibo (the massif of the central volcano that, combined with Shira and Mawenzi, create Kilimanjaro) standing, indifferent, 22 miles away with the, now closed, Western Breach flirting in our direction. We were not going to climb it for six more days but it was always there filling us with thunderous anticipation.

Our camp was ready upon our arrival and my son and I started to get to know our team. We also interacted with other trekkers from England and Holland. The flatness and low shrubbery at Shira 1 are conducive to establishing community and we took advantage of the opportunity to meet new people. Most everyone was pleased to meet the Cheeseheads.

Our second day was a practice scramble up Klute Peak, 12,300 ft. It was our first chance to sit, relax and hang out with just our two guides. We took in the beauty and scope of our adventure and then wandered back to Shira 1 already comfortable with our camp routine.

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