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Kilimanjaro Traverse – Camps of the Lemosho & Mweka Trails -Part 1

Big Tree/Forest camp

This trail and camp strategy my son and I followed in 04 enabled a nine day acclimatization hike with the summit on the morning of the tenth day after only an hour up the final ridge from the crater. Each of the camps had their own unique qualities. I will have seven parts in all.

Big Tree/Forest Camp – 9170 ft, one night

After three hours of wonderment fueled by adrenaline as we ascended the serpentine trail, ever up, through the dry rain forest, we popped out from the dynamic foliage into our little nylon city. The “big tree” wasn’t impressive from a Wisconsin point of view but our tent and gear were ready as well as the wonderful roasted peanuts and popcorn.

We were the only clients with a dinning tent and our own outhouse. After investigating the “public” toilet, I was immediately satisfied I’d chosen the correct “high-end” outfitter (Tusker).

My most endearing takeaways from this camp was the realization we were really, finally, doing it and the calliope of sounds surrounding us from darkest Africa as we attempted sleep the first evening in the tent. We were told not to wander out of the camp during the night…no kidding!

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