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Kilimanjaro Blog – Day to Day Account

Here is a great Kilimanjaro blog, on a day-to-day account climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. He has some great pictures going up the mountain and a nice crisp story.

Read Robert Barta’s Kili Blog’s
* Kilimanjaro 2007
* Kilimanjaro (2nd summit) 2009

I remember when I saw the woman puking and crying, 20 feet from Stella’s point, while everyone walked past her. I also remember my friend Zamoyoni eyes roll back in his head – and he couldn’t talk. It’s pretty scary when you get to the summit.

This is a great part of his story, somewhat similar to one of my experiences.

“Now some people would not believe some of the things we saw on the summit. Even if they were with us, the lack of oxygen impairs the senses. I’m sure my recollections won’t be complete and I missed things that others observed. One of the Brazilians would not leave the summit, wanted to lay down and go to sleep, a death sentence. His small guide could not get him up so our guide got him going and Charlotte (a doctor) gave him dexamethazone, a seriously powerful drug to help with altitude sickness. She had already taken one herself. On the way down from the crater rim, about 100ft down, a woman sat down and started puking. She was left behind by her group and had no guide. More dexamethazone and a little help from our guides. We saw another person without a guide who descended with our group.”