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Be kind to your porters

Haji.jpg This is a photo of our porter Haji. He carried all the “rescue/safety” equipment on the Tusker Trail & Safari trek my son and I took in 04’. This included oxygen, stretcher, artificial pressure chamber and first aid supplies. I was 53 when we reached the roof of Africa and for whatever reason; Haji was my wingman, always 15 feet behind me, not my 17 year old son. Hmmm, maybe it was the graying hair…

I couldn’t speak Swahili to Haji other than, Jambo (hello), asante sana (thank you) and karibu (your welcome). Over our 11 day journey, however, we did create a special bond with candy bars shared at breaks, facial expressions and non-verbal communication. He was with us on the summit dressed in an old coat and I made the decision at the time to send him something better when I returned home.

A few weeks after our return I dutifully sent a “care” package to our head guide to distribute to Haji and some of the other 18 team members.

About a month later I received this photo of Haji in his new Green Bay Packer parka…I smile every time I see this picture.

Thanks for your friendship Haji!