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Kilimanjaro Company Review: Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris

I received this message today from a distraught person who visited Tanzania. His name is Shinko Mondori. Whether or not this is true, I don’t know, but it’s good to hear real reviews of people who have bad experiences. Marketing material and other comments on website and books can create false impressions.

“We used Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safari for our northern circuit safari in Tanzania. What a disaster! Andrew, the managing director, totally screwed up our trip, promising everything and delivering nothing. We didn’t even have blankets (which we specificially asked whether we should bring our sleeping bags) in our tents!

I would NOT recommend this company!!!! Stay away. There are too many other good operators out there to waste your time and money. He almost destroyed our whole trip to Tanzania! We even had to cut our safari short by a day because he did not book our flight out of Arusha till 2 days before the end of the safari. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!”

Whenever I organize a safari or climb up Kilimanjaro, I usually preface it with this:

While we strive to make your trip the best possible, and pride ourselves on trying to cover every detail of your trips, it’s important to understand that Tanzanian business, time and culture operate in a different manner throughout East Africa. With an adventure trip this long and of this magnitude, you are bound to encounter a multitude of problems, which could effect your itinerary: bad weather happens, vehicles break down, people get sick, etc. While we have back up plans for all of these instances, it’s important to understand that is part of the adventure in Tanzania.

But even this is no excuse for over promising and under delivering…