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Evacuation Routes – Part 1

You Can Get Down Quick
You Can Get Down Quick
There are a number of different ways to evacuate yourself off Kilimanjaro. It just depends upon where you are – which camp and which trail. Generally speaking, compared to most mountains, it’s fairly easy to descend and evacuate off Kilimanjaro. It won’t take you a week – it’s usually just an entire day.

If you are hiking the Marangu Trail, the best way down is just straight back down the easy trail you ascended. If you are hiking on the Machame trail, the best way out is via Shira. There is a good 4×4 track up to the Shira Plaeau. It’s fairly close to Shira Camp 2. If you are past Shira Camp, and need to evacuate there are a number of options. At Barranco Camp, you have to take the Umbwe route, which is by far the most difficult route to descend. Only descend the Umbwe route if you absolutely have too. If you can make it to Karanga Camp or Barafu Camp, you can take the Mweka Route down. There is a 4X4 trail part way up to Machame Camp.