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Adventure on Kilimanjaro- Western Breach Combined With Crater Camp

I had a couple young guys call me the other day, and said they wanted to take an “adventurous” route up Kilimanjaro – and avoid all the crowds on the mountain. They were curious of the various options. I told them the most adventurous way would be to do 8 or 9 days on the Lemosho route and plan to spend one night at Crater Camp. Crater Camp is the highest camp on Mt. Kilimanjaro and is probably visited by less than 5 percent of the people climbing Kilimanjaro. Crater Camp sits at 5,790 meters on Kilimanjaro, and you actually almost summit Kilimanjaro, but instead descend and camp near the Furtwangler Glacier. All companies typically bring oxygen to this camp, and it’s a great way to have a short hike up the mountain in the morning.

Crater Camp is, however, much more expensive than a typical climb. It’s high on the mountain, more gear is required, and the entire team – including the porters – go up to the camp.

If you want great adventure, it’s definitely the place to visit – but is not for these two young guys who finally told me “they were on a budget.”