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What Should You Bring to the Top of Kilimanjaro?

Mountain climbers and trekkers like to carry things to the top of Kilimanjaro – and mountains in general. One guy on our Kilimanjaro climb brought Ernest Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” book and had his picture taken with it. Another guy brought a local micro beer from his hometown. Tons of people bring t-shirts and signs to family, friends and companies.

Since I summited Kilimanjaro, here are a couple things I think would be great at Uhuru Peak.

Get me out of here! – After the last seven grueling hours hiking in freezing darkness with little sleep, from Barafu Camp to Uhuru peak, you are physically dead at the summit. The first thing I wanted was a hang glider to get me back down.
I am not walking back down.

I am hungry – Besides being tired, I was hungry like a wolf. After seven days of eating mountain food, I was ready for a meat lovers pizza. I would have paid $200 for a slice.

I am freezing – Despite being just below the equador in Africa, it’s still friggin ultra cold on top of Kilimanjaro. Find the absolute warmest bear rug and have a porter pack that to the top. This could be your jacket and might keep you warm.

Check me out! – Now that you have summited, you have achieved the dream and goal that you bragged to your friends about for the last six months. And now don’t you wish they could actually know that you made it? Bring some Roman Candles to the top, light them off, and hope that somebody sees that you made it.