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Snacks and Treats

A Popular Favorite on Kilimanjaro
“A Popular Favorite on Kilimanjaro

Having some snacks, candy or treats is a great thing to bring on the mountain. Given that you are climbing the mountain for many days, are having someone else make you food, and can’t eat food on your normal schedules, bringing your own extra food is a nice luxury and key to controlling those hunger pains. Your body will need extra energy on the mountain.

After many days of eating food that is cooked for you, the smallest snacks become totally mouth wandering experiences.

I would recommend bringing the following food:

Beef Jerkey
Packages of nuts
Candy Bars/Power Bars (at least 10)
Drink Mixes

You should really bring a good supply of these treats for you day pack. You can’t buy most of this food, except the candy bars (and the options are limited), in Tanzania, so you should pack this from home.

Trekkers share lots of their food on Kilimanjaro so prepare to have food to trade or share.

The luckiest guy on Kilimanjaro was the one who packed an entire box of Rice Crispy treats on the mountain. Everyone wanted to trade and be his friend.