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Rooftop Bar in Moshi

If you are looking for the best roof-top bar in Moshi town, it’s a good idea to visit the Kindoroko Hotel. Centered right in the middle of town, across from the main market, Kindoroko hotel doesn’t look like much from the outside. But once you enter the small door, you will see they have taken great pride in fixing up the entire place, especially the bar and restaurant.

The Kindoroko Hotel is affordable, has good traveler food, and is a good place to hang out and meet others travelers. The best part, that most people don’t know about, is the rooftop bar where you can see some of the most epic views of Kilimanjaro when the clouds are not out. Usually nobody is up there, as it’s on top of the fifth story of building that you must walk up. But it’s worth it! The best time to see Kilimanjaro is either near sunrise or sunset. Sunset beers on Kili make an excellent way to end the day.