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Mt. Kilimanjaro Forum Threads for the week of February 12, 2007

Check out the topics currently being discussed on the Mt. Kilimanjaro Forum at BootsnAll:

  • Neesie is thinking of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this fall, and is concerned that one should have previous trekking or altitude experience before attempting a Kili summit. The responses so far are that there’s no reason to worry about it, although it might help to know how your body will react to altitude before you go… What do you think?
  • LeeZ had a great time climbing Kilimanjaro and on safari as well, saying “Although we paid a bit more than if we booked everything in Tanzania, it was well worth it and significantly less than the large foreign companies … Once we landed in Nairobi we had nothing to worry about other than where we wanted to go for dinner.”

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