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Kilimanjaro’s Instant Coffee

I hate to say it folks, but after hiking up Kilimanjaro, sleeping outside, and waking up to the crisp mountain morning, the first thing you want is a nice cup of coffee. You would think, given that coffee plantations dot the side of Kilimanjaro and it’s sold in fancy coffee shops in the United States, that some pretty good coffee would be available.


Actually, the coffee is considered good by some people, but unfortunately, the locals don’t brew it the same way. They just drink instant coffee (and tea) all the team. Now that does make sense, there are no wonderful ways to brew coffee at 10,000 ft on the mountain. But hot water, mixed with coffee grounds, just doesn’t taste the same way you envision.

The funny thing is, you always start out not really like this coffee, but by the end of your climb, you love it so much, you buy some to take home. And then at home, it’s not as great as it tasted on Kilimanjaro or during your safari.