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AdventureLogue: New BootsnAll Adventure Site

adventurer.jpgIf you are into climbing and reading about Mt. Kilimanjaro, you are undoubtedly an adventurer, whether it’s an armchair adventurer or a couple expeditions per year.

Reading about adventure is the key for me deciding to plan a new trip. There is a new adventure information site on Bootsnall Travel Network, that is great for people into reading the latest news and opinions on mountaineering, rafting, trekking – any type of hardcore adventure. I am sure it will have good information on Kilimanjaro and Africa from time-to-time.

Make sure to bookmark and check out AdventureLogue on a daily basis. This site will become probably the best adventure site anywhere online. AdventureLogue is updated three to four time a day with great unique information from a real adventurer.