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Mt. Kilimanjaro Forum Threads for the week of January 8, 2007

Check out these topics currently being discussed on the Mt. Kilimanjaro Forum at BootsnAll:

  • Anisa’s leaving for her Kili trek soon… As in this weekend! She’s got a ton of questions which she probably should have asked sooner… Ah, well, hope she has a great trip! And perhaps her questions will help you out in planning your trip!
  • Coxy’s new to the boards, and his big ambition for the year is to climb Kilimanjaro. He lost a lot of weight, and now wants to celebrate his 30th birthday by climbing the mountain. Sounds like a great way to mark the occasion! What advice can you offer him as he starts researching his October 2007 trip?
  • Cwkloos has booked his Kili climb with Destination Africa Tours, and wants to know if anyone’s got feedback about them… He’ll be back with his impressions of the company post-tour, and if anyone has information about them in the meantime, post it here!
  • Weather is always a consideration on a Kili climb. Or is it? Cwkloos has been doing a ton of reading on others’ experiences climbing Kilimanjaro, and he’s yet to come across one that had to abandon due to bad weather. Is this something he’ll need to worry about?
  • There are plenty of mountains in the world… Landire asks, “Why are you interested in Mt. Kilimanjaro? What makes it so different from other mountains that it’s such a popular place?” Some folks have chimed in with their attraction to Kili – what’s yours?

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