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Kilimanjaro Distances

Machame Gate Sign
Machame Gate Sign
At the Machame Gate, you will see a breakdown of the estimated times between various points on the Machame trails. These are very general references to the walking time and, to be quite honest, I think they are a little bit unrealistic. This doesn’t account for stopping for breaks or slow people in your group or how the altitude is affecting you on any given day.

Machame Gate to Machame Hut = 4.5 hrs
Machame Hut to Shira Cave = 3.5 hrs
Shira Cave to Shira Hut = 30 minutes
Shira Hut to Lava tower = 3 hrs.
Lava Tower to Arrow Glacier = 1.5 hrs
Arrow Glacier to Summit = 5 hrs
Shira Cave to Barranco = 6 hrs
Barranco to Karanga = 3 hrs
Karanga to Barafu = 3 hrs
Barafu to Summit = 6 hrs