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Good Tents – Make Sure You Have Them

How can you tell a good mountaineering company from a bad one? Ask the company about their tents and request to see them if possible. While climbing on Mt. Kilimanjaro, you should have good four-season waterproof tents, with a good rain fly and hopefully a nice vestibule to store your dirty boots and bag.

If you don’t have a solid tent, you are going to be miserable on the mountain – there is often heavy rain, storms, and gnarly wind. The last thing you need is a cheap tent – one that is beat up, with a zipper that doesn’t work, and holes in it. Trust me – this happens all the time on Kilimanjaro. They are everywhere. Tents get beat to shit because so many people use them on a regular basis – and there isn’t a ready supply of them to buy in Tanzania. Many of these tour operators have to visit America or Europe and have someone ship them over.