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The Red-Hot Poker


Following the Lemosho Trail, our second and third nights on Kilimanjaro were spent at Shira 1 Camp (11,500 ft.). The third day we took an acclimatization hike to the 13,000 ft top of Johnsell Point. From our perch we could gaze across the Shira plateau all the way to Kibo where Kilimanjaro’s summit resides 22 miles away (As seen in the background of the picture). As we wandered around after our lunch we discovered this beautiful fiery topped plant called “Red-Hot Poker” standing there all by itself. This was just one of many new and interesting plants we saw on our magnificent trek. Finding strange indigenous plants and being cared for by our Tusker team comprised of guides and porters from the local Chagga Tribe were constant reminders this wasn’t Wisconsin. The wonderful and fascinating contrasts to our “normal” world only enhanced our feelings of quixotic adventure and mission.