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Picture of the week 52


This is the last photo for this year as Donavan has other plans for the site in 2008. I enjoyed sharing the images. I received some very nice reactions to the photos and wish to thank everyone that sent comments. I also wish to thank the outstanding staff at BootsnAll for their kind stewardship of this process.

The final image was sent to me after our trip. I’d shipped a package of goodies to our head Tusker Guide, Bwana Stephen, with the intent to have him pass the stuff around to our 19 team members. I’d singled out this Green Bay Packer Parka to be given to Haji the porter that followed this 50+ year old all the way up the mountain with the rescue equipment. Even though we couldn’t speak to each other, we created a bond with smiles and sharing Snickers candy bars during breaks. He may well have been older than I but he could kick my ass on the trail even with a 35 pound load on his head! Thanks Haji.