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Picture of the week 32


This is a second image of Arrow Glacier Camp as cloud came in and hid the upper sections of the Western Breach. As I study the photo now I count 16 tents, 3 dinning tents, 4 black public outhouses and our own orange loo (just for my son and I). This represented three teams from Montreal (2), Wisconsin (2) and South Africa (6), a small community.

As it turned out, the only clients that made it to the top of the Breach the next day were the couple from Montreal and us. The South Africans had attempted to climb the Breach at night. One of their members had a heart attack and fell. It was a shocked, saddened and beaten group we encountered as we began our own ascent knowing we would pass the porters dragging the fellow down the mountain. It was the only time I felt I may have put my son at risk but our preparation and excellent Tusker Guides helped us win the day.