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Kilimanjaro Picture of the week 17


This is a photograph our head Tusker guide checking my lungs for fluid as he did every morning on our 9 day journey to the summit. Our blood oxygen levels were also checked twice a day so we knew if we were acclimating as we gained altitude.

I chose an outfitter that monitored our health because I was 53 when I climbed Kilimanjaro plus, I had my son with me. Being from Wisconsin, neither of us had any experience with altitude. I also endured a stress test to make sure I wasn’t carrying any hidden trouble to the mountain. Those two choices and the decision to add some extra acclimation days practically guaranteed our success.

Make no mistake however, even with Kilimanjaro being “non-technical” and adding some potential safe-guards, you still have to muster the pluck climb to the very serious altitude of 19,340-ft., a place where loss of appetite, headaches, gnawing fatigue and cold are standard operating procedure.

But that’s why it is so rewarding!