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Kilimanjaro Picture of the week 13


Along the final ridge as we approached Moir Camp we could see this B-Movie Spaceship like structure standing juxtaposed among the volcanic topography.

Some Norwegians built it in the 80’s. It was certainly no light task as it measures 20+ feet tall with two levels but we had crossed an access road during our 7 hour hike up to Moir Camp. I’d like to think they used this rather than haul the materials up the entire mountain.

After arriving at camp, my son and I had time to explore the area before dinner. Of course we headed towards this most interesting edifice. We were practically in front of it when two of our porters stuck their heads out the windows, scaring the living crap out of me. My subconscious mind must have been ready for carnivorous animals to attack because we were in Africa or something…

Fright turned quickly to laughter, however, as we shared this special moment with people we couldn’t speak to but the humor of the situation enabled us to transcended language. When these guys would pass us on the trail for the rest of the trip, the smiles were always a little bigger.