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Kilimanjaro Porters – Picture

The porters on Mount Kilimanjaro are the people that get the least amount of credit – and yet have the hardest job. They pack all your gear up the mountain for seven days, are always moving to the next camp – Barafu, Shira, Barranco, Karanga, Barafu – and then go home with the least amount of pay. They sleep outside or all together in a small tent, and usually have no blankets or much to keep them warm.

You have to love them though. They are hard working and are just trying to make some extra money for their family. I think it’s funny to watch how they all interact with each other and how decisions are being made. It’s sometime very loud, obnoxious and lots of men giving their opinions. They usually are the first ones to wake up in camp.

On the first day, before the climb begins, each is vying for the best bag to carry, the one that they will probably use most of the way. I always feel bad for the guy that has to carry the eggs or the watermelons. The watermelons are just a pain, but if you make a mistake and break the eggs, there is a big chance you will be sent down the mountain to bring up some more.

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