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Great Barranco Wall

As you will see when you arrive at Barranco Camp, you will have a huge climb out of the canyon the following morning. The Barranco Wall is an enormous cliff wall, with switch backs, enormous rocks, and very steep inclines going up the side of the mountain. It’s also called the breakfast wall as many people loose their breakfast after trying to climb this. You can barely see the top of the Barranco Wall from Barranco Camp. It will take you at least two hours to climb, if not more.

You will not use trekking poles here – you will use your hands to climb in a few spots. This area can be very dangerous if there are many people climbing at the same time, as there is little room. There are huge drop offs where if you make one wrong step, you could easily fall to your death.

Here is the start of the Barranco Wall