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Best Method for Packing on Kilimanjaro

If you want a good way to keep your clothes clean and dry on Kilimanjaro or on any mountain, seperating the dirty clothes from the fresh clothes, you should use plastic bags. Small, sealable plastic bags – one for each piece of clothes – help in a number of ways. First, it keeps them dry.

Use Plastic Bags
Use Plastic Bags
Even if you have a waterproof bag, I guarantee that water and dirt will sneak in. Second, some of your clothes are dirty, others are clean. Instead of showing them all into one bag, this will seperate the clean clothes, allowing you to get maximum “cleaniness” without stinking. Third, by putting your clothes in individual bags, it helps back them tight.

Generally synthetic clothes pack best in these bags.

After you pack into these plastic bags, then you should line your duffel bag and then line your day pack.