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High in the Clouds – Barafu Camp Picture

Here is a sweet picture of Barafu Camp on Kilimanjaro. Barafu Camp sits at 4600 meters and is the highest camp on the Machame route.

Looking at this picture, you can see lots of clouds and sun. Usually, the clouds will open up to the sun and then close off all day on Barafu Camp. It’s definitely a camp area that is open to extreme weather, so you should think about setting up your tent behind a ledge, or in the middle of some rocks, or other tents, to help stop the wind from punishing your tent. Make sure that all your tents are staked down well!

Barafu Camp is also nice as it’s usually a short day hike from Karanga Camp, so you really have time to relax and mentally prepare for the night to the summit.

Be careful up here if you go outside at night to pee. There are some enormous cliffs that you could accidentally walk over.