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Travel Insurance: Should you have it?

While Kilimanjaro is one of the easier mountains to climb in the world, it does not mean you should forgo travel insurance. Travel insurance is usually required by all foreign expeditions companies, but not required by local companies (generally speaking). Fortunately, since you do not use any specialized equipment going up Kilimanjaro, it’s considered that you are hiking, or trekking, and therefore you can get most travel insurance that covers outdoor adventure.

Travel insurance is pretty cheap normally – and the extra $50 you spend, is well worth the safety and security to know that you are covered. One thing about most travel insurance is that you end up covering any medical costs you incur, and then you are reimbursed by the insurance agency. I know that may seem ridiculous, but how can a insurance company work with different hospitals all over the world. You manage the process, and then are reimbursed.

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