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Rainy Season

Bring one of these for the rainy season
Bring one of these for the rainy season
There are some people who think Mount Kilimanjaro is getting too busy. Yes, more and more people are climbing it each year. But those people are generally climb the mountain in the high season. What about climbing the mountain in the rainy season, the months of March, April, May or November?

1. Few people on the mountain
2. Prices to climb the mountain should be lower

1. Lots of mud. You NEED trekking poles
2. Prepare to be cold and wet for many days

The one other advantage of rainy season and disadvantage of the dry season is that you never know what the weather is going to be. In the heart of April or May, it can be dry for weeks. In the middle of the best climbing season, it can rain, rain, and rain some more.

Take your chance and see what happens.