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Cruise Ship People on Kilimanjaro?

I have been reading a lot of news lately about Crystal Cruises, a cruise ship that ports in South Africa. Crystal Cruises is offering climbs up Kilimanjaro as part of the tour package, after you are done with your cruise.

First off, I think it’s funny that South Africa is like six countries away from Tanzania, and yet the company is still offering climbs up Kilimanjaro, as it’s just something people can easily do. They actually still have to fly up to Arusha, Tanzania – equivalent to flying half way across the United States – and then climb the mountain for seven days.

Second, boat cruises and trekking up a mountain are completely on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to tourism. Packaging Kilimanjaro with a cruise just makes it feel like an easy commodity anyone can consume.

Third, MOST (and I said “MOST) cruise type people should NOT climb Kilimajaro, even though it’s one of the most climbed mountains in the world.

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