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Cheaper Safaris, Cheaper Climbing on Kilimanjaro

As the cost of going on safari and climbing on Kilimanjaro continue to skyrocket, more and more people – especially independent travelers and backpackers – are looking for ways to get a cheaper safaris or a cheaper rate up Mount Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, you can’t do either of these anymore “for cheap.” Even if you show up and book when you arrive, the cost of safari and climbing Kilimanjaro are going to cost you a lot of money. It will cost at least $1000 to climb Kilimanjaro. The average price of safari would be around $140 per day, per person. There is no cheap trips in Tanzania anymore, unless you choose to do something outside of the National Parks, which I would still highly recommend.

However, if you still need to save money in Tanzania, the only way to really save a few bucks is to wait until you arrive – and then go out and find a company, negotiate, and perhaps you would have saved a few hundred dollars. If you buy it from the United States or Europe, you will pay more. Most travelers unfortunately don’t have that much time to spend a week wandering around, looking for the person you trust the most. If you have plenty of time and energy, wait until you arrive in Tanzania and see what you can find. Doing this doesn’t promise you are going to get a good rate, as many people have arrived in Tanzania and not been able to find anything. But you might be able to join into a trip or find a group you can climb Kilimanjaro. It’s a risk, but it’s the only strategy left.