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Barranco Wall on Kilimanjaro

barrancowall.jpgHere is a view of the Barranco Wall as you are approaching from Shira Camp. After you stay the night at Barranco Camp, you will hike up this wall early in the morning. This is perhaps the steepest and one of the harder points of the Machame route. Hiking up a fairly small trail with enormous cliffs on one side (and porters passing you from time to time), you will use your hands and feet to climb up parts of the wall. Most of it is manageable but there are a few spots that are a bit scary.

Overall, if you have good team, you should have no problem getting to the top. It’s kind of hard to make this climb right after breakfast, and many people “loose” their breakfast doing this strenuous part. If there are hoards of people staying at Barranco Camp, try to set off early so there isn’t a huge train of people hiking up at the same time.

The top of Barranco Wall is a great place to take a break and enjoy the epic views.