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Update on Kilimanjaro Porter Death

Here are more details on the recent death of a porter on Kilimanjaro.

It appears that the porter was sick with a very bad cough, and he was vomiting blood at some point. Unfortunately, he stayed on the mountain for at least another 24 hours before being sent to a lower elevation. He had to carry a bag when he descended and had poor clothing for the rainy weather. He died while being transported on the cart down the mountain on the Marangu Route.

This is another sad day for a climbing industry that make millions and millions of dollars off Mt. Kilimanjaro, but can’t put together some basic rules and regulations that makes sure everyone – including the porters – gets down the mountain safely. If anyone is vomiting blood and had poor gear during the rainy season, it’s everyone’s responsibility to get them down the mountain as soon as possible.