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Rising Cost of Safaris

medium_stacks-of-money.jpgAnybody notice how the once coveted “affordable” safaris in Tanzania has now becoming downright expensive for the average person.

On July 2006, the camping and entrance fees to all Tanzania National Parks was raised for Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park as well the Arusha National Park. It was $20 camp fee, now is $30. On Mount Kilimanjaro was $40, now is $50 and entrance fees for those park was $25 now is $35.

This January 2007, they again raised the entrance fees for Serengetti and Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater fee from $25 to $100 per car.

Now most of you reading this are paying a couple thousands dollars for your adventure in Tanzania, you think, “What does another $10 for this, and another $15 really mean?” Well, first off, most of these costs are PER PERSON PER DAY, so they can really add up. Second, it’s just another tax that really makes the cost of safaris more and more expensive. With fuel prices also high in Tanzania and distances far, I only see the cost of safaris going up and the average family not being able to plan an adventure in this country.