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Keep Walking – Stella Point

You have walked and walked, for day and days. You started your final ascent to the peak just over seven hours ago. It was the hardest, most difficult part of the trip – just going up, up and up. The guide told you that were getting close, but that seemed like an eternity ago. A few hours goes by, and you think you are almost to the summit, and you hear that it’s just an hour away. When you finally reach the top, you are relived. We made it! But wait – not exactly.

Stella Point, although on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro at over 18,000ft feels like you are on top. You could easily head back down, but you are not at the “official top,” the place where you get our picture taken so Mom and Dad can see you smiling at the top. Once you reach Stella’s Point, you have another 45 minute walk. It’s an easy walk, but you are painfully tired and ready to descend.

Are We There Yet?
Are We There Yet?