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Lost Pictures – Please Help

This is a message posted in the Africa Travel forums on BootsnAll Travel Network. Thought someone might be able to help.

If you are planning on climbing Kilimanjaro, or know someone who is please please please read this and help!

Last October myself and my boyfriend did a climb of Kilimanjaro. We took the Marangu route (the “easy” one) and it was absolutely spectacular!!

Unfortunately, a week after our last climb, we were mugged and our camera was stolen with all of our photographs of the climb and the summit on it (and the rest of the three week trip we did!!). As you can imagine we were devastated to have lost the kili pictures in particular. It took so long to save up for the trip and I doubt we’ll be able to afford to return any time soon!!

We are desperate to try to find some of the other people who reached Uhuru Peak on the same night as us so that we could try to get copies of some of their photographs. I know some of them had virtually identical photos to us and some pictures with us on at the summit.
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