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Climber Interview: Carrie

Name: Carrie
Age: 24
State in the US: Colorado
Route up the mountain: Machame
How many days: 10
Number of people in your group: 17, I think

What was your reason for deciding to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?
It was really the opportunity of a lifetime. I didn’t know when it would come around again, so I decided to do it when I could.

How did you research your trip?
Um.I didn’t really. Our group has an experienced guide who’s put together similar trips the last few years. He sent out the plan and we’ll do it.

How did you physically and mentally prepare for climbing the mountain?
Physical preparation is easier than the mental preparation I think. I don’t think the reality of it has quite set in yet (the trip is still 4 months away). It’s pretty easy to hit the gym for a couple of hours every day. There’s also the advantage of living in Colorado and having 54 mountains above 14000 feet right in our back yard. While I haven’t done so yet, I plan to hike Pike’s Peak (14,110 ft) this weekend. I’m also planning on a three day hike / camp trip sometime in late April or early May. The plan is to get at least four different 14ers climbed before leaving in June.

What is your biggest fear about the mountain?
Being the last person to summit (not summiting is not an option for me).

Are you going home afterwards?
Yes, but after spending a few days in Washington DC.

Have you done any other adventure trips? If so, where?
No, but I certainly hope this is the first of many.