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Park fee increase won`t affect tourism

I am really upset that the prices for the Serengetti and Mt. Kilimanjaro continue to rise. I think it will become harder for budget backpackers to visit the country – and be able to climb the mountain and go on safari. Read the story below in the Sunday Observer

Park fee increase won`t affect tourism
The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Zakia Meghji, has said that the increase by more than 100 per cent of entrance park fees for Serengeti and Kilimanjaro national parks will not affect the tourism industry in the country.

The minister told the Sunday Observer in a telephone interview that before adjusting the park entrance fees, her ministry, Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and Tanzania Tour Operators Association (TATO) held extensive consultations and that they were satisfied with the new park fees.

“We had consultations with all stakeholders in the country, Europe and America. We were told that the new park fees for Serengeti and Kilimanjaro national parks would not discourage tourists visiting our country. It is a reasonable and affordable fee, “she said.

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By Peter Baxter | Permalink | No Comments | July 15th, 2005
Tags: Mountain Warnings on Kili, Prices
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