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Tanzania Is Hot, Right?

It’s common for most people to assume that Tanzania is going to be hot – super hot. It’s an equatorial country in Sub-saharan Africa. But, when you climb any mountain, and climb to heights of even 10,000 ft, expect it to be warm during the day, and cold at night. Dress in layers.

During the day temperature at 15,000ft/4600m tends to be 60ºF. When the sun is covered, temperatures drop dramatically. At night, temperature falls to 15ºF. At the summit, temperatures are about 40ºF during the day and drop to between 0ºF and -10ºF at night. Don’t forget, you arrive early in the morning, before the sun comes up. It will be cold.


By Peter Baxter | Permalink | 2 comments | August 18th, 2005
Tags: Kilimanjaro Planning
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By lazyjayn | September 21st, 2005

I should have read this earlier. Geeze, Donovan. You were all “it’ll be cold, freezing, you all need to bring big-time cold gear or you’ll die of hypothermia” and now I read this (about 2 months behind) and find out that, in fact, the whole dratted thing (with the exception of hikin’ to the summit in the dark which’ll need a hoodie, long pants and a cap) will be t-shirt and shorts weather. Unless there’s 100mph winds. Are there 100 mph winds??
Or maybe I’m just twisted?

By Donovan | September 22nd, 2005

It actually depends upon the time of year too.


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