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Travel Insurance for Kilimanjaro

Thanks Kev for the pic...I am sure you would not mind this as an incentive not to break a leg on the mountain...!Insurance can be one of those travel expenses that slip through the net when you are tallying the cost of an overseas venture tour…

As a budget traveler for most of my youth I did tend to throw caution to the wind, put faith in the Gods and hope for the best when I set off. Fortunately I never had any problems, but in my days on the road I have known many that have. Some incidences were bizarre: an Aussie overlander having a 17-ton truck drop off its axel and shatter his spine. Others more pedestrian: countless instances of malaria in difficult places, and more than one car accident that left victims in hospitals and clinics in very questionable locations across Africa.

>>All in all Travel Insurance is worth the expense….

In the case of Kilimanjaro these are the risks and benefits:

The nearest hospital is situated in Moshi, and my information is that it is one of the best hospitals in the region, and being airlifted to Nairobi as an alternative offers no tangible advantage.

Kili is not a particularly dangerous mountain to climb, but the risks are there. The risks consist mainly of altitude related issues, but physical injury is also not infrequent.

Search and rescue on Kilimanjaro is by international standards good, and by African standards excellent. You need not, therefore, worry too much about being plunged into some ghastly third world nightmare upon the slightest injury, however you would still be very well advised to add a little first world certainty to the mix.

>>Check out the facts of Search & Rescue on Kilimanjaro

BootsnAll Travel Insurance offers an excellent selection of travel insurance options available on the site, but recommended for Kilimanjaro is our ihi Bupa International Travel Insurance which offers comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance, emergency evacuation and travel assistance. All venture sports excluding motorsports are covered, and in the event of a terrorist related emergency you are likewise covered. Trip cancellation, delay and lost baggage are, however, not covered.

Neither is protection against your foreign or local operator or outfitter folding into bankruptcy. However if you have booked through a western outfitter these risks are automatically, or at least they should be automatically, covered.

For more comprehensive general coverage consider our Travelex Travel Select which covers everything from medical evacuation, to the repatriation of remains, all trip delay and cancellation, labour related delays and cancellations, luggage loss and delay, and in fact just about everything a discerning traveller could possibly need.

For a more comprehensive casualty evacuation program – and this would work for special needs climbers, vulnerable groups or those that simply want unshakable security – then we offer MedJet Assist which is underwritten by Lloyds of London and offers a no-qibble medical evacuation from anywhere in the world. This means no stop-off at any developing world hospitals anywhere, just a direct line to the nearest A-list medical facility.

If this still does not satisfy you then the top of the range is Global Rescue. Global Rescue prides itself on emergency evacuation from anywhere, anytime and against any odds. From the top of Mount Everest to the middle of Death Valley, you are guaranteed a trip from mountain top to clean hospital linen in as short a time as it is humanly possibly to achieve…

Get in touch with a BootsnAll Travel Insurance rep today for up-date facts and info…

By Peter Baxter | Permalink | 7 comments | December 14th, 2009
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By laina | December 15th, 2009

Informative post. Before finalizing your insurance policy educate yourself about it. I came across this site, it seems to contain very informative and nice information and also gives you an option to compare quotes.

By kilimanjaro tanzania facts | January 23rd, 2010

When you decide to climb one of the world’s free standing mountain,you are putting your life at stake.But that’s human nature.We always want to explore adventure all the time and so we need travel insurance.Climbing Kilimanjaro is an incredible journey of scenery and experience.
Many companies provide travel insurance to help you lessen the cost of any calamity that strikes.


Hi Peter

Nice article? Is it you in the stretcher there?

I think more people should be taking travel insurance with their travels. It’s scary if you see how many people doesn’t!!

By Climb Kilimanjaro | September 15th, 2010

Travel insurance is definitely necessary. Not sure why people would pay thousands to climb and not fork out the $150 for travel insurance.

By advent | October 17th, 2010

insurance whether we’ll get automatically when we ask permission of the climb?

By vakantiehuizen ibiza | December 30th, 2010

Yeah travel insurance is one which is always beneficial part of our traveling….It covers our injury,theft,accident,etc..if it occurs while traveling….It’s true that it is bit expensive but there are many advantages of it… This blog is delivering a god information on travel insurance..

By Thadey | January 21st, 2011

enjoy you’re Safari then its very important for you to get insurances if you got it don’t worry we have a flair Doctor re-sq time from our national pack for any thing happening will be care you.


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