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Famous 1912 Kilimanjaro Picture – Global Warming

This is actually a very famous picture of Mt. Kilimanjaro although it doesn’t look like much. It’s a 1912 picture from a German explorer climbing the mountain. Scientists have been able to use this old picture and gauge how the glacier, snow and ice have depleted over the years. When you look at a picture of Kilimanjaro every 30 years, you can definitely see the difference.

By Peter Baxter | Permalink | 1 comment | October 24th, 2006
Tags: Global Warming, Mountain Warnings on Kili, Pictures, Random
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By red6 | October 27th, 2006

Interestingly enough I have a recent picture of myself at the same angle but just closer to the mountain. Totally by accident as I didn’t know of this 1912 photo before…


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