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Donovan Pacholl

After close to four years of public relations work, Donovan took a life-changing journey through 16 countries, where he concluded that the world of travel was his passion. At the age of 27 he embarked on his second journey to Tanzania, East Africa. There he established his own roots and began the start-up of a local office for an American based non-profit organization, the International Mountain Explorer’s Connection (IMEC). His goals were to help educate and clothe the porters of Mt. Kilimanjaro – the highest, most climbed, mountain in Africa.

Donovan expanded his work resume and international experience, conquering the adversity that arises when endeavoring to establish a philanthropic organization in an African country. The hard work paid off, though, and Donovan’s efforts count as a success on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, where the benefactors of IMEC – the porters – can be seen, well clothed and trained in English and First Aid/CPR.

Tanzania proved a training ground in adventure travel for Donovan. Just outside his doorstep, 6,000 feet up on the slopes of Kilimanjaro was an untouched forest full of wild life as well as the warmth of the Tanzanian culture. This he shared with handfuls of foreign tourists who flocked to his mountain lodge, for a taste of the culture and the adventure he provided them. For more than 16 months, he and his fiancée explored many areas of Tanzania, including historic Zanzibar, Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater and many other parts of East Africa.

His creative ability to both make an adventure out of what might be considered a normal experience, as well as to make more out of an outrageously risky adventure, has propelled him into some of the most unexpected times of his then 29-year-old life; one of which included a very interesting marriage proposal at the top of the Kilombero falls in Southern Tanzania.

Donovan’s passion for travel, interest in the well-being of cultural integrity, and inspired drive for exploration make him a perfect fit for the BootsnAll family.


By Peter Baxter | Permalink | No Comments | May 13th, 2005
Tags: Kilimanjaro Climber Profiles
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