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Pee, Pee and More Pee

I know we have discussed this before in the article ” Taking a Whiz” but we can’t stress enough the amount that you should, and will, urinate on Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s part of the process so just accept it. Both men and women should become very comfortable peeing around strangers, and at all points during the trip, because there isn’t always a rock or tree to hide behind, and there isn’t always a great place to stop. You will pee on the side of huge cliffs, a few steps off the main trail, just outside your tent at night – and just about everywhere going up the mountain. If you are hydrating properly, you are probably peeing more than 10 times per day, just like Kilimanjaro climber Sean Keener, whose waterworks were documented.


By Peter Baxter | Permalink | No Comments | January 24th, 2006
Tags: Kilimanjaro Pictures, Kilimanjaro Planning, Mountain Warnings on Kili
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