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Tourists Skip Kenya, Head to Tanzania

Given the recent outbreak of violence in Kenya from the presidential elections, thousands of tourists have canceled their safaris in Kenya, scared that the violence will escalate. Although no violence has been directed at tourists yet, a number of international tour companies are recommending to avoid Kenya until things cool off.

Many of these tourists have now turned their eye south to Tanzania – home of Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and Zanzibar. Tanzania is receiving hundreds of
last minute inquiries from those looking for a safe alternative. While Kenya does have great safari parks, Tanzania is just as good – if not better, with areas like the Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.

The great thing is, you don’t have to change your airfare – many safari can start in Nairobi and head directly to Tanzania, just six hours away by vehicle. Or you can take a short domestic flight for 45 minutes and find yourself at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

By Peter Baxter | Permalink | 1 comment | January 4th, 2008
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By Larry Diamond | April 30th, 2009

Africa – “Our family recently returned from Neo Holidays’s 10-Day cradle of mankind safari trip in Kenya and Tanzania. We’ve traveled in over 80 countries of the world and used dozens of tour companies, but none can touch the level of professionalism and value we experienced with you. We must say that we started the trip with a bit of uncertainty since all we knew of this company was was from limited web research.we chose this itinerary on the website( But, that concern quickly faded the moment we walked through customs in Nairobi and were met by the staff. Irene and Cathrine (the airport and tour rep) were so kind and attentive. But we especially want to applaud our safari driver/guide, Raymond Sangawe. As a driver, he was cautious and attentive. As a guide, he knew the animals and could answer our numerous questions like an encyclopedia. But most importantly, we felt like we added a new member to our family. Raymond graciously allowed us to customize our trip the way we wanted – even arranging for us to visit a local African church. He was FANTASTIC with our two teenagers. Raymond is a man of integrity and has unusual maturity and wisdom. He truly made this trip the best family vacation we’ve ever had. We hope to keep in contact with him and would warmly welcome him into our home if he ever had occasion to visit the USA. Having lived in West Africa years ago, we know that flawless execution of trip details does not come easily in a developing nation. But you guys are pros. We will use Neo holidays again in a heartbeat and we’re already exploring your website for our next destination! ” Larry


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