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Candid opinions about anything that deals with climbing on Kilimanjaro

Waking Up on Mount Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | January 22nd, 2007 | Comments Off

kili2027.jpgThere is nothing harder to starting your day of trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro than a good old fashion rain storm. It happens on Kilimanjaro quite often and can make your day much more ... [read on]

Kilimanjaro Bathroom Picture: A Room With A View

By Donovan | January 17th, 2007 | Comments Off

kili5016.jpgAh, there is nothing like going to the bathroom and having a great view of Mawenzi peak, Kilimanjaro’s little sister, while you are around 15,000 ft, 4600 meters on Kili. This picture ... [read on]

Kilimanjaro Company Review: Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris

By Donovan | January 16th, 2007 | 1 Comment »

This local company in Tanzania has been spamming my Kilimanjaro blog with their links, so I thought I would do a proper review and see what they have to offer.

Well, to be brutally honest, it looks like this company, Kilimanjaro ... [read on]

Travel Insurance: Should you have it?

By Donovan | January 12th, 2007 | Comments Off

While Kilimanjaro is one of the easier mountains to climb in the world, it does not mean you should forgo travel insurance. Travel insurance is usually required by all foreign expeditions companies, but not required by local companies ... [read on]

Please Note: Tanzania Tour Reminder

By Donovan | January 10th, 2007 | Comments Off

reminder.gifThis is a pretty standard reminder we give people before going on safari and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s basically a reminder to sit back, chill, and enjoy the experience. I guarantee that usually ... [read on]

REI Adventure in Tanzania

By Donovan | January 5th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

I stumbled across REI’s Adventures website today announcing one of their Kilimanjaro and safaris in Tanzania. See REI’s Kilimanjaro Prices. The total cost for the trip, assuming you an REI member, is $5394, because you have to pay for ... [read on]

Cheaper Safaris, Cheaper Climbing on Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | November 26th, 2006 | Comments Off

As the cost of going on safari and climbing on Kilimanjaro continue to skyrocket, more and more people – especially independent travelers and backpackers – are looking for ways to get a cheaper safaris or a cheaper rate up Mount ... [read on]

Outfitter profile; Tusker Trail & Safari

By Ed | October 13th, 2006 | 3 Comments »


I must have studied 15 different trekking companies while doing the research for my trip to the roof of Africa. This first blush was primarily for me to understand my points of decision and important criteria. ... [read on]

Renting Sleeping Bags – Gear on Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | October 12th, 2006 | Comments Off

sleeping_bag.jpgI recently received a question on whether we could supply sleeping bags for a climb up Kilimanjaro. Unlike Nepal and other mountain regions where you buy sleeping bags in the city, you pretty ... [read on]

Barranco Wall on Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | October 11th, 2006 | Comments Off

barrancowall.jpgHere is a view of the Barranco Wall as you are approaching from Shira Camp. After you stay the night at Barranco Camp, you will hike up this wall early in the morning. ... [read on]

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Hi Angie...Climbed Kili in September 2010 and had the most incredible experience of my life. Went wi...

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My brother is planning to climb kilimanjaro with this company

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climbed it this past June with no climbing experience. We had amazing guides though! @Angie-it is ...