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Mt. Kilimanjaro Mountain Warnings on Kili

Pee, Pee and More Pee

By Donovan | January 24th, 2006 | Comments Off

I know we have discussed this before in the article ” Taking a Whiz” but we can’t stress enough the amount that you should, and will, urinate on Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s part of the process so just accept it. ... [read on]

Perspectives and Advice on Altitude and Altitude Sickness

By Donovan | December 10th, 2005 | Comments Off

Altitude • Climb high, sleep low • Over 10k feet, 1-2k up per day, after 3k spend extra night • Rest days, short hikes to higher altitudes

Generally, people start feeling the effects of altitude above 10,000 feet;

AMS — Altitude (Acute) Mountain Sickness • headache, ... [read on]

The Poor Porter

By Donovan | December 2nd, 2005 | Comments Off

It’s kind of a tough mental debate when you are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. You just bought your fancy new $150 jacket, an expensive sleeping bag, and paid a bunch of money to climb the mountain. Here is your porter, carrying ... [read on]

Who Makes It To The Summit?

By Donovan | December 1st, 2005 | 3 Comments »

You would think there is an equation for success on Mt. Kilimanjaro, a rule that if you follow, will help you arrive at the summit. Over of the years, however, I have seen everything: a short, fat, overweight woman ... [read on]

My Safari Guide Boyfriend

By Donovan | November 29th, 2005 | Comments Off

Some men go to Thailand in search of small, beautiful Thai woman, some woman go to Australia is search of the rugged Australian with the great accent. Whatever floats your boat is up to you. But, just like anywhere else ... [read on]

Phantom Porter

By Donovan | November 7th, 2005 | Comments Off

Here is an unfortunate scam that happens to some people on Mount Kilimanjaro. We like to call it the “phantom porter.”

“I climbed solo with one guide and three porters. At the Machame Gate on the first day, ... [read on]

An Extra Day

By Donovan | October 27th, 2005 | Comments Off

The top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is about the same height as Everest Base Camp. To reach the top of Kilimanjaro, it can take you five or six days. To reach the top of Everest Base Camp, it usually take two ... [read on]

Marangu Village – Friend or Foe?

By Donovan | October 26th, 2005 | Comments Off

The somewhat famous village of Marangu sits on the far eastern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro and is the starting point for climbing the easy route, Marangu – also known as the Coca Cola Route. Unlike the other bigger cities ... [read on]

Worst Christmas Ever

By Donovan | October 14th, 2005 | Comments Off

About four years ago, BootsnAll Travel Network published a story by Robert Geier, who wrote a poignant story about his tragic experiences on Mt. Kilimanjaro and in Kenya and Tanzania. This story is a bit sad, kind of funny, part ... [read on]

Taking a Whiz

By Donovan | September 17th, 2005 | Comments Off

Water, water and more water – one of the best techniques for climbing Kilimanjaro is to stay hydrated – super hydrated. You should drink at least 4 litres of water per day, if not more. While sometimes your body may ... [read on]

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